Why We Built Ask Steve

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Why Did We Build Ask Steve?

Because LLMs like ChatGPT and Gemini give you superpowers to get things done better & faster:

  • Summarization: summarize this peer feedback about my report
  • Expansion: expand these bullets into nicer language
  • Rewriting: make this text more formal, or a specific reading level
  • Synthetic Data: blind this candidate profile to reduce bias
  • Authoring: write a custom prospect outreach letter
  • Translation: convert this from Spanish to English
  • Detail Extraction: what interview dates are being proposed in this email
  • Concept Extraction: what are the main points of this doc
  • Query Documents: query this page for information
  • Classification: sort these requests by category
  • Sentiment Analysis: is this a positive or negative comment
  • Toxicity Detection: is this an antisocial comment
  • Syntax: put this text into a specific format for another system
  • Idea Generation: suggest interview questions
  • Data Analysis: look at this table, what are the correlations
  • Explain Something: explain this in simple terms

Studies like this one have found that ChatGPT substantially raised productivity on writing tasks: The average time taken decreased by 40% and output quality rose by 18%. With the help of LLMs, people are able to do their jobs better and faster.

But bouncing back and forth between your work and an LLM suuuuuuucks

Another recent study has suggested that with access to an LLM about 15% of all worker tasks in the US could be completed significantly faster at the same level of quality. But to get this benefit you're constantly copying and pasting and bouncing between windows. Most of the time it's too much work to bother with.

Which is why the same study showed that when incorporating software and tooling built on top of LLMs, this share increases to between 47-56% of all tasks. Because the friction has been removed, your superpowers are unlocked.

Ask Steve unlocks the Power of Gemini & ChatGPT in any web page so you can get things done better & faster

💪 ChatGPT & Gemini give you superpowers, and you should be using them more to get tasks done better and faster.
🤬 But constantly copying and pasting back and forth between a web page and ChatGPT is a giant pain in the &#%.
⚡ Ask Steve adds AI superpowers to every web page so they're always at your fingertips. And it's FREE!

Install Ask Steve now to unlock your superpowers!

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