Unlock the Power ofChatGPT & Geminiin any web page

💪  AI gives you superpowers that can eliminate hours of grunt work every day!

🤬  But constantly copying and pasting back and forth between your work and an AI system is a giant pain in the neck.

⚡  Ask Steve adds AI superpowers to any web page so they're always at your fingertips. And it's FREE!

Did we mention that it was free?

Hear what users are saying!

"Was very helpful for writing - I've used it for Airbnb reviews, emails and to help write content for fundraisers. 'Tell me what this means' is super useful to get definitions and explanations without having to open Google in a new tab. I also really like the summarization feature for long articles!"

"The ability to add your own 'Skills' is great - I don't have to write the same prompts over and over! Whatever I might want ChatGPT to do, I can do without leaving the page I'm on, which is super handy. This is great for power users and novices alike - it's an easy way to introduce someone to using AI/LLMs to make their life easier.."

"Nice extension for integrating ChatGPT or Gemini into your existing web-based workflow via a useful sidecar. Super helpful for writing those LinkedIn in-mails or other common tasks where you wish your LLM had the context of what you were currently browsing."

Tired of Bouncing Back and Forth?

Steve helps you right where you're working - no more copy-and-paste

Steve helps you right where you're at, so you can stay in the flow and not lose time and context bouncing back and forth between your work and ChatGPT. Select any page or text and right-click to use any of Steve's 100+ Skills (or one of your own!) to get explanations, translations, conversions, analysis, writing help, or make a one-off request. It's like having an AI assistant, always by your side!
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Need Answers Fast?

Steve can read web pages for you, answer your questions and extract relevant info

Ask Steve a question about any page and he'll read it for you and find you the answer. Or run one of Steve's 100+ Skills on the page to analyze the content, summarize, classify, translate, and more.

Handle more cases, research more topics, and get more done in less time.

Write Much?

Communicating with customers, prospects, partners or coworkers? Write more effectively and efficiently with help from Steve.

Write your message in bullets and Steve will expand it into nicer language, fix grammar and spelling errors, make things friendlier or more formal, translate to other languages, and more. Use one of Steve's 100+ Skills, or make a one-off request. You decide the help you need, and Steve does it for you, right where you're working.
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Tired of Doing the Same Thing Over and Over?

Add a Skill Button to any web page, and run any Skill with 1-click

Add a permanent button to any web page in less than 30 seconds with NO CODE. Press it and Steve will run one of your Skills, pulling any data he needs from the web page, and putting the results wherever you tell him to.

If you're in Sales, generate personalized outreach messages. If you're in Support, automatically adjust the tone of your responses. If you're in Recruiting, extract all the skills from a resume.You've never worked this fast!

Does Steve have the Skills to help you?

Yes he does! Create reusable Skills for anything you want Steve to do for you

Write a prompt once and then use it on any web page or text selection! Steve comes with 100+ prompts ("Skills") for Content Creation & Editing, Research & Analysis, Technical Assistance, and more. And you can easily add your own custom Skills in seconds. It's just like giving instructions to an intern!
  • Need to extract all the speakers from a web page? Check!
  • Need to identify gaps in your resume compared to a job listing? Check!
  • Need reading comprehension questions generated from some text? Check!
And once you've created a Skill, you can use it anywhere!
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Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Perfect for individuals and teams

With our Premium plan, you can setup your team and automatically deploy Skills and Skill Buttons to everyone on it to make sure everyone is always using the latest and greatest. Got a bigger company? Create multiple teams, and share the most relevant Skills and Buttons in custom libraries for each one.

Steve is a Model Citizen

Use a public, private or local model

  • Connect to public models from Google, OpenAI, Anthropic, etc.
  • Connect to private models running in the cloud or on your intranet
  • Connect to local models running on your own machine for maximum privacy

See all the ways you can interact with Ask Steve to save time!

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Ready to take your productivity to the next level?

Try out our no risk, no cost, QuickStart plan


Fast & Free
Get started right away! If you like it, upgrade to Standard at no cost.
  • 100 requests to try it out
  • No login required
  • All functionality available
  • Non-streaming responses
  • Requests go through Ask Steve servers
  • Your data may be used by Google for training
  • Community support


Free Upgrade!
Add your own free Google Gemini Pro API Key for unlimited use!
  • Unlimited use
  • Streaming responses
  • Connect to any LLM service where you have an API Key
  • Connect to a local model for more privacy and no cost
  • Free Gemini not available in EU, UK, CH. You will need to use another provider or a local model
  • Community support


Coming Soon
Advanced features for teams and businesses at a low monthly cost.
  • Team deployment
  • Team Skill Library
  • Assign specific models to Skills
  • Interact with PDFs
  • Interact with Google Docs
  • Backup to server
  • Voice input for Chat
  • Add Skills & Buttons via code
  • Email support