Fast & Free
Get started right away! If you like it, upgrade to Standard at no cost.
  • 100 requests to try it out
  • No login required
  • All functionality available
  • Non-streaming responses
  • Requests go through Ask Steve servers
  • Your data may be used by Google for training
  • Community support


Free Upgrade!
Add your own free Google Gemini Pro API Key for unlimited use!
  • Unlimited use
  • Streaming responses
  • Connect to any LLM service where you have an API Key
  • Connect to a local model for more privacy and no cost
  • Free Gemini not available in EU, UK, CH. You will need to use another provider or a local model
  • Community support


Coming Soon
Advanced features for teams and businesses at a low monthly cost.
  • Team deployment
  • Team Skill Library
  • Assign specific models to Skills
  • Interact with PDFs
  • Interact with Google Docs
  • Backup to server
  • Voice input for Chat
  • Add Skills & Buttons via code
  • Email support