One-Time Requests

All the ways that you can make a one-time request to Steve

Why One-Time Requests?

Skills are great for when you know ahead of time what you're going to need help with, but that's not the case a lot of the time. One-time requests enable you to ask for anything, at any time. And if you find that you're making the same one-time request over and over, you can always save it as a Skill!

Here are all the ways to make a one-time request with Ask Steve:

  • Right-click to open the Context-Menu on a page, on some selected text, or in an editable text field, and then select Ask Steve to... and then ONE TIME REQUEST
  • Press the Ask Steve toolbar icon to open the sidepanel to access Chat, and then type in your question.
  • Open the Quick Action Box, type in your request and then press ENTER
  • Type k followed by SPACE in the URL Bar and then type in your request and press ENTER