An overview of the Ask Steve plans

QuickStart (Free!)

  • When you first install Ask Steve you are put on our QuickStart plan. This gives you 100 requests that you can use to try out working with Steve and see if you find him helpful.
  • You can use all the functionality of the Standard plan, there is just a limit on the number of requests.
  • Responses from Steve come all at once, whereas on the Standard plan responses are streamed down as soon as Steve starts writing the answer, so you can work even faster.
  • Community support

Standard (Free!)

  • Ask Steve asks you to enter your own free Google Gemini API Key to enable the Standard plan. See how to get your own key here.
  • You can alternately connect to any other provider where you have an API Key, or a Local Model running on your own machine.
  • You continue to have access to all the functionality, with the only limits being what service provider imposes. The free Google Gemini API Key uses Gemini 1.5 Flash and has the following limits.
  • Free Gemini is not available in the EU, UK or Switzerland (details). If you are in one of those regions, you will need to use a different LLM provider or a Local Model.
  • Steve's responses are streamed, so you can work even faster.
  • Community support

Premium (Coming Soon)

  • Users will be able to assign specific Models to specific Skills.
  • More features TBD.
  • Email support