Where Does Ask Steve Work?

Ask Steve works on most websites, but not all of them


Ask Steve's Standard plan relies on the free Google Gemini API. Supported countries & territories are listed here. Any countries that have a [1] after their name DO NOT support the Gemini FREE tier, so you will not be able to use the free Standard plan. This includes the European Economic Area, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. You will need to use another provider, pay for a Gemini account, or use a Local Model to connect to a model running on your own computer.

Websites are very... variable

Ask Steve will work on most websites, but given how powerful the web platform is and all the different ways that people can build sites and apps, it doesn't work everywhere.

  • It will most likely not work in web applications with complex layouts
  • Sites that make excessive use of iframes and Shadow DOMs may cause problems

Known Places Steve Can't Help

  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Figma
  • XHTML sites, like the SEC's document viewer. On sites like this, Steve does what you ask him, but then can't write his response to the page. You can always see his response by opening Chrome DevTools (Chrome > View Menu > Developer Tools) and then going to the Console tab and looking for the text where Steve is waving 👋.

Known Places Steve Has... Issues

  • LinkedIn: When composing a new Post, the Quick Action Box doesn't work.
  • Salesforce: When sending an email, Salesforce doesn't "see" any of Steve's changes until you manually edit something in the email. So always be sure to edit Steve's work!
  • Facebook: Steve cannot write into the "Create post" dialog or Facebook comments.
  • Reddit: Steve cannot write into the comment field. New posts only work in the Markdown editor.

Chrome Policies

  • If you're using Ask Steve at work, your company may have set policies in Chrome that prohibit either the installation of certain extensions or the use of extensions on specific URLs.
  • In this case, you would need to ask a company administrator to add Ask Steve to the allowlist.
  • You can see what policies your browser is enforcing by opening chrome://policy and then looking for Extension Settings