Adjust various Ask Steve Settings

To access the Settings page, click on the Settings link in the left navigation of the Extension Settings. Or click here.

Change the Ask Steve Sidepanel Theme

  • Light: Use the light theme
  • Dark Use the dark theme
  • System: Use whatever theme your OS is set to use

Whenever you close and reopen the sidepanel, it will check for the latest theme setting and use it.

Show the Ask Steve Floating Action Button (FAB)

  • By default Ask Steve shows a floating action button (FAB) on every page that gives you quick access to the Ask Steve sidepanel.
  • Pressing the button opens the Ask Steve sidepanel.
  • You can grab the drag handle on the FAB up and down the right edge of the page and Steve will remember where you placed it.
  • If you'd like to turn off the FAB, uncheck the Show FAB checkbox and press SAVE