Quick Action Box

Get help from Steve in any editable text field

What is the Quick Action Box?

The Quick Action Box adds Steve to any editable text field. You can ask him to write content for you or edit the content that's already in the field. It brings the power of AI right to where you work!

Bringing Up the Quick Action Box

You can bring up the Quick Action Box over any editable text field in the following ways:

  • Mac: Press Command-Shift-K
  • Windows: Press Control-Shift-K
  • ChromeOS: Press Control-Shift-K

If you don't like the default keyboard shortcut, you can change it! Press the puzzle piece icon in the Chrome toolbar, select Manage Extensions from the menu and then Keyboard shortcuts on the Extensions page in the left navigation menu. From there you can change the shortcuts for Ask Steve.

Using the Quick Action Box

  • You can select a Skill from the dropdown menu. The Skills that will appear here are the ones that have 0 or 1 Page Variables. (See Skills)
  • You can start typing in the name of a Skill and then pick it from the list.
  • Or you can type in any one-time request if you don't already have a Skill for what you want to do.
  • Pressing ENTER in the Quick Action Box tells Steve to do what you asked. By default Steve will put his response in a popup window on the page.
  • If you want Steve to overwrite the existing content with his response, press Control-ENTER (ChromeOS, Windows) or Command-ENTER (Mac) instead. That is what is shown in the GIF at the top of this page.

Once Steve completes your request, the Quick Action Box stays open so that you can type in another request, so that you can iterate until the content is to your liking. Click anywhere outside the box to make it go away.

NOTE: If there is already text in the text field, Steve will assume that your request is about that text and will work with that text.


If you press Command-Z (Mac) or Control-Z (Windows, ChromeOS) while in the Quick Action Box, Steve will attempt to restore the previous text. The formatting will likely be messed up. See below on how to fix it!

Fix Formatting

Sometimes Steve will mess up the formatting of text. You can always just ask him to fix the formatting and he will do so.

Pro Tips

Using a Page Variable

If the text field is empty, you can add a page variable to your request, and Steve will use that to help create the text that he puts in the text field. As an example, let's say you're on the page for a support case, and you want Steve to fill in an empty text field with a summary of the case.

  1. Open the Quick Action Box in the empty text field
  2. Write summarize this: [[p]] in the Quick Action Box and then press ENTER
  3. Steve will read the page, summarize it, and put the results in the text field.

    NOTE: This only works on empty text fields. If the text field already has text in it, Steve will read that instead.